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The Band Uniform

Proper Wearing of Your Pipe Band Uniform
The Henry´s Fork Pipes and Drums

For the sake of uniformity this document is intended to establish a simple guide in how to wear your highland attire pipe band uniform. Please form the habit of keeping your uniform clean and tidy which is effectively accomplished before stowing it after use. It takes little effort to look good please take the time.


  • Worn 1" above left eyebrow, 1/2" above right eyebrow, canted to the right slightly
  • The point of Glengarry aligned with nose
  • Tapes pressed and without creases
  • Store the tapes by folding them back inside the cap to keep them from creasing
  • Clean of all stray fibers, hairs etc.

Cap Badge

There is a plan to design and utilize an official band cap badge but until that time personal badges are acceptable. No Badge is also very much acceptable.

  • Attached securely to Glengarry
  • Centered on Glengarry bow
  • Clean and polished


This is a personal item.

  • White, short sleeve dress shirt
  • Clean and pressed

Neck Tie

This is a band issue item.

  • Black neck tie with prescribed band embroidery
  • When choosing your own, a clip-on tie can be very handy in hot weather
  • Clean and pressed


This is a band issue item. Vests are to be worn as prescribed by the uniform of the day.

  • Worn so as to hang over the kilt line and the waist belt about 1" in the front but at or above the kilt line in the back
  • Buttons polished
  • Clean and Pressed


This is a band issue item and is of the commando type military sweater. Sweaters are to be worn as prescribed by the uniform of the day.

  • Keep pattern lines straight
  • Square it across the shoulders
  • Straighten the collar
  • Prevent the sweater from folding or wrinkling by smoothing the material and allowing it to lie neatly against the body

Waist Belt

This is a band issue item.

  • Black Glenn-Esk Velcro belt with antique finish buckle.
  • Worn firm to body so as to allow only one finger to be inserted between the belt and body
  • Runners on belt to be pushed up hard to belt buckle
  • Top of belt to meet the top of the Kilt line
  • Belt to pass through the kilt loops
  • Worn level from front to back of body
  • Buckle should be clean and centered at front of body
  • Belt leather to be clean and low sheen polished


The band issue kilt is prescribed to be the Douglas Modern tartan in the 16 oz. weight.

  • The top of the kilt arriving so as to cover the navel
  • Inside and outside aprons securely fastened by buckles and bottom edge resting just above the half way mark of the knee cap.
  • Pattern to be centered at front of body.
  • Bottom edge to be level in height from front to rear and side to side.
  • Clean, pressed with no creases evident.


The band issue sporran is a simple day wear leather sporran with three leather tassels.

  • Worn centrally over the front apron of kilt
  • Generally, the top edge is one hand´s breadth below waist belt buckle
  • The sporran should square the area between the hips and the knees and hand at a natural arc from the hip
  • All parts clean, in good order, with leather low sheen polished

Sporran Strap

The band issue strap is combination black leather with chrome chain.

  • Pointed end of strap (non-buckle end) generally points to right hip
  • Straps are to pass through the loops of the kilt to aid in hanging at the right height
  • When wearing the drum the drummers will turn the sporran to be worn on the right hip
  • Belts should be clean and low sheen polished

Kilt pin

The kilt pin is a personal item. It is not required.

  • Should be worn generally in the lower right corner of the front apron
  • Center the pin on the tartan pattern lines
  • The pin should only pass through the outside apron
  • Clean and polished

Kilt Hose

The prescribed kilt hose is of the color ecru (off white) and is of a specific model. This is a personal item.

  • The fold is to be 4" wide (one palm width) and to fold down so as to cover the line at the pattern change (hint: pull your hose up all the way)
  • Top of hose is three fingers breadth below outside bone at knee
  • Top of hose is worn level side to side and front to back
  • Patterns/seams vertically straight
  • Clean with no fuzz build up


The band issue flashes are either tartan flashes of the Douglas Modern tartan or simple black ribbon.

  • Band to all wear same color of flashes
  • Both flashes to be worn of equal length on both legs
  • Leading edge of front flash to be vertically up front of leg riding the edge of your shin bone
  • The adjacent edges of the common two tab flashes should be touching (i.e. no gaps between the tabs)

Sgian Dubh

  • Worn inside hose of right leg in center of front-right portion of leg bisecting the flash with only handle showing
  • Scabbard and metal trim concealed by hose
  • Clean and polished


Shoes are a personal item. They are suggested to be the traditional Gillie Brogue shoe. However a black dress shoe serves the purpose well.

  • Tie the gillie laces so as to make the bow at or within the bottom third of your shin centering the bow on the leg
  • Clean and polished