Rexburg, Madison County, Idaho
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It can be hard to build a bagpipe band outside of a major metropolitan area and most pipebands are built in larger cities than Rexburg, Idaho. However, we don't need 2 milllion people to build a bagpipe band, we only need 30 or more.
We offer first rate instruction to aspiring pipers and drummers. Our main objective is to train members for the band. However, instruction is available for anyone, either in individual or group formats.
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Piping Instruction
image While still a teen in the early 1980’s David Rock got his start in bagpiping from a beloved mentor, Pipe Major Ron Lopez of the Boise Highlanders. He continued his progress through his undergraduate college years participating with the Utah Pipe band, Scera Scottish Pipe Band, and others. He gave up piping all together during his time in Pennsylvania to work on his doctorate but took it up again and served as the Pipe Major of the St Andrews pipe band in Montgomery, Alabama. From there he moved to Rexburg, Idaho and took a professorship At Brigham Young University-Idaho teaching Spanish. In Rexburg he became a founder of The Henry’s Fork Pipes and Drums were he serves as Pipe Major and private instructor. David competes solo Grade 2.
Drum Instruction
image Drum Sergeant Jason Lenz began his passion for music and the art of percussion over 20 years ago at the age of ten, studying formally in private instruction and participating in music programs in the Boise, Idaho area. He continued his formal training in the ranks of Drum Corps International (DCI) and was an avid percussionist while attending college at Boise State University and Brigham Young University-Idaho. He has instructed for various high schools in Idaho and is a former Adjunct Music Faculty at BYU-Idaho. He had his first taste of pipeband drumming in 1990 with the Boise Highlanders. However he began a serious study of the Scottish rudimental style in 2003 in private instruction with Tom Foote of the Toronto Police Pipeband. Jason teaches beginning to advanced students at his studio in Sugar City, Idaho and participates in various musical ensembles including The Henry’s Fork Pipes and Drums.

"Pipeband drumming is one of the greatest experiences I've had in my drumming career. It's a lifetime activity and I love it!"